Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seven Outfits

I just read an awesome article on

I have recently been contemplating putting a restriction on myself to buy no new clothes until the new year. I've been thinking about this after taking a look at the number of dresses I bought this spring because "this summer I am going to live in dresses. They're so easy and breezy." - Thoughts from my winter (stir-crazy) brain.

Reality check: I mostly live in jeans and t-shirts. Just like any other part of the year.

Yesterday, I broke out one tunic/dress that I had only worn once. Today I'm wearing another dress that I had only worn once (but just had to have before I went to DC in June).

This article inspired me to commit to no new clothing purchases the rest of the year. It also inspired me to make a bigger commitment: seven outfits for the month of August. It's many more pieces than the people at Six Items or Less, but I'm looking at eight days travel for work, plus, it's freaking August in Nebraska. Hot, humid, sweaty. I don't want to be doing laundry every third day just because I sweat through them in one wear.

I also have to dress up for two work events, so that would also severely limit my options.

So seven outfits for 31 days. If you look at it this way, I only have to wear each one 4.428574 times AND I can mix and match. It should be easy. Then come September, I'll add in a few pieces. And a few more each in October, November, and December. By January 1st, hopefully I'll have a new outlook on consumption and clothing.

Anybody with me? I'm thinking about firing up the blog to keep track. And you know you miss my blog....

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